Specials & Packages

Stillwater Spa Citrus Series
Jan 20th - February 28th, 2015

Citrus Breeze

45 minutes, $155

Escape the outside winter world and be rejuvenated with our navel orange body exfoliation.  Orange oil contains a key soothing ingredient, linalool, which helps relieve tension and stress.  Any dry skin will disappear with this sugar scrub.  This experience is completed with an orange scented shea butter cream.

Grapefruit Massage with a hand & foot exfoliation

60 minutes, $155

Experience ultimate relaxation with our Grapefruit Massage.  The essential oils contained in Grapefruit help create a peaceful and calm atmosphere while you get pampered.   A lovely grapefruit essential oil is used for the full body massage.  This treatment also includes hand and foot exfoliation using fresh grapefruit juice and raw sugar. 

Navel Orange Pedicure

60 minutes, $85

The Navel Orange Pedicure is the perfect antidote to brighten even the dreariest of winter days.  This pedicure includes a luxurious foot soak, fresh navel orange juice & sugar foot exfoliation, cuticle care, paraffin and completed with an orange scented shea butter. Bonus: Studies have shown that smelling an orange will help improve your mood.

Lemon Manicure

30 minutes, $50
The Lemon Manicure will do more than add an extra spark to your hands and nails.  The fresh scent of lemon oil has been known to both energize and reduce anxiety.  This manicure includes hand soak, fresh lemon & sugar scrub, cuticle care, paraffin and is completed with a lemon scented lotion.